Stay Tuned Chiropractic Financial Q&A

Most people these days depend on their insurance when they become sick or have an urgent health crisis. They are grateful to be able to use their insurance to cover the skyrocketing costs of "sick" care. Chiropractic care is seen as wellness and alternative health care. Unfortunately, many insurance plans offer only minimal coverage for chiropractic if any. If coverage is offered, usually there are large deductibles that must be met, and co-payments for office visits before the insurance company will pay out for any care.

Did you know that the average cost per visit in our office is very close to the average insurance co-pay per visit?

It makes sense to us that our practice members believe that their health & wellness is a high priority in spite of what their insurance will not cover, and they choose to pay out of their own pocket for care (or though Health Savings/Flex Spending accounts) and eliminate the hassles associated with insurance.

If that's not you, we understand.

Our goal is to do everything we can to make chiropractic care affordable for you and your family.

We are a practice that cares, and we aren't your traditional white-jacket doctors. We think of our practice members as part of the Stay Tuned family and we want to help you as well as your loved ones experience health & vitality through chiropractic care.

Ask us about our Chiropractic Made Affordable Family Plans and how you can save when your spouse and/or children choose to begin chiropractic care alongside you. Few things are as special to us as visits that include moms (current or expecting), dads, children and babies.

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*This offer is not valid with any Medicare, Medicaid or other insurance plans.