What Are Our Patients Saying?

“Dr. Fox has been able to stop and prevent the chronic back and shoulder pain that I have been experiencing for over 30 years now. Thanks to her I am able to function like a person with no arthritic issues. It is SOOOO awesome to be pain free! Dr. Fox rocks!!!”     Ben T.


“I came to Stay Tuned Chiropractic because all of my joints were locking up and I was having difficult going from a sitting position to standing. Getting out of a car was almost impossible! Even walking was becoming difficult because I was hunched over in pain. All of this and I am a middle-aged woman. I felt like a crippling “older person”. 
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“It has helped my back feel much better and helped lower my blood pressure!”  L.M.


"It helped SO much with my back pain while pregnant and helped my recovery after. I’m also thankful because it helps my son’s diapers and keeps him happy!"  C.C.

“I no longer have lower back pain. Today’s adjustment got rid of my neck pain/stiffness.” – E.R.

"When I first came to see Dr. Fox I was suffering from life long arthritis pain from working outside in the cold winters of Pennsylvania. I had taken very strong pain meds almost all my life for pain. Due to another medical problem, I was forced to stop my 200-400mg Celebrex per day and a lot of pain came back. I had three sessions of auriculotherapy and I have been pain free ever since, over a month now." - Richard F.

Staff MemberWhen I first came to see Dr. Fox I was suffering from severe lower back pain/sciatica. I suffered through a week-long class. By Thursday morning, I know I wouldn't be able to drive to class. I made an appointment with Dr. Fox and thanks to her skills, I was able to attend the afternoon session. 
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Staff Member
“My daily back pain is a thing of the past! Dale W.

It has changed my darling wife’s life. Her many internal medical issues make dealing with everyday life a chore. She is much better able to heal and function since finding the care at Stay Tuned Chiropractic.”  T.C.

“My adjustments make me taller. They also make my neck feel looser and help me play soccer.” – C.M.


"I no longer wake up at night due to back/hip pain and neck + head pain" - M.H.


“For the first time in decades I am pain free. I can do things I haven’t been able to do in a long time. Life is good.” – Jeff C.