What Should You Expect On Your First Visit With Us?

At Stay Tuned Chiropractic our examination procedures are focused on the detection and correction of nerve interference. The procedures we use are therefore specifically selected for your spine and nervous system health. There are a couple of things that you should expect when you have a first visit at our clinic.

We have state-of-the-art technology to help us better care for you. This computerized technology is called the Insight Millennium Subluxation Station, and is designed to help us better understand your nervous system stress, and monitor your results.

This assessment technology combines three scans that are calculated into a COREscore. Your COREscore number is the result of your overall state of well being, by measuring spinal heat variations, surface electrical current, and variability in heart rate. 

The first part of the Insight Millennium examination is Heart Rate Variabilty (HRV). With your hand resting in this high-tech pulse wave profiler, it records your skin temperature, pulse and heart rate into a computer for 5 minutes.  It is well known that lifestyle stresses can hinder your autonomic nervous system function resulting in subluxations. As your subluxations are corrected with regular chiropractic care, heart rate variability should become more normal. Comparisons of periodic exams will help monitor progress as your body is better able to adapt to lifes’ stresses.

The second component of the examination process is Surface Electromyography, called sEMG. The sEMG measures the amount of electrical current in the muscles along the spine. This test monitors how well your motor nerves are working. Subluxations interfere with these nerves and affect the readings of the sEMG, so by performing regular sEMG scans and comparing the results, you can tell how well your chiropractic care is improving your nervous system motor function.

The third part of the Insight Millennium examination consists of a Thermography (neurocalometer) scan. This test checks for heat differences on either side of the spine from bottom to top. These heat differences help to indicate how your body is regulating blood circulation. The nervous system is the primary controller of circulation which is a good indication of body function. Subluxations can play a major part in changing function and therefore circulation, so by monitoring temperature along the spine, you get a good means of measuring the effects of subluxation and the progress made toward correction with chiropractic.

Everyone, young and old, can benefit from this cutting edge technology. An exam consisting of these 3 objective scans provide reliable data that can be used to help monitor progress while under chiropractic care. We will assess your spine further through palpation, which essentially is checking your spine by hand. Leg checks, ranges of motion and postural analysis may also be examined as it relates to possible spinal subluxations.

It is important to note that this examination helps to scientifically understand the subluxation processes going on in your spine. It also gives us a baseline for future tests so we can accurately measure your progress to see how your spine is correcting and your nervous system is functioning. Using these examination procedures is much more accurate than just depending on "how you feel" on any given day.

Spinal X-rays may be taken depending on your age, and situation. There are many reasons why we would not take x-rays on certain patients including pregnancy, most children, recent usable spinal x-rays and some other various situations. During the examination process, for some patients it is determined that x-ray imaging will be necessary to allow the best assessment of the severity of vertebral subluxations. X-rays can give us important information including the position of the spinal bones, and the quality of the spine and safety of adjusting it. If it is determined that you are a candidate for x-rays, you will likely be referred to a local imaging center for spinal x-rays at the beginning of care.

With the important exam data gathered, we can recommend a Customized Corrective Care Plan that will outline the path for optimal health and well being. Your exam results and/or x-rays will be explained to you and covered in detail at your Report of Findings which will be scheduled for you within a few days of your initial visit. This visit is your MOST IMPORTANT visit and may take up to one hour as we review you care plan and goals, and go over any special instructions you will need to obtain the best and fastest possible results. We set aside specific times for these visits so as not to interfere with regular patient care hours, and our staff will schedule you for this second visit at the end of your examination.

Our goal is to use the most modern chiropractic technology available to help you in your quest for a higher quality of life, as we seek to Awaken Health and Vitality Within, to Express a Vibrant and Happier You! We are conveniently located just blocks from Irmo High and Middle Schools, and the Irmo Public Library. Call or click to schedule your first visit today!